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Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox game. It’s been around for a decade and although there are many imitators, no other game is quite like Minecraft. It has a huge community of players who are very active on sites like Reddit, YouTube, Discord, and Tumblr.

You can play the game solo or log into a nearly infinite number of multiplayer servers. Some of these servers are very professionally run and create a near-AAA gaming experience.

Minecraft Servers

There are so many different servers that you can play on. This is just a starting list of some of the better ones.

  • PrimeMC
  • Hypixel Network
  • Desteria
  • Minecraft Central
  • CubeCraft Games

Minecraft Maps

You can download a nearly endless supply of player-created maps to make Minecraft infinitely replayable. Maps come in all sort of different categories, such as story-driven RPG maps, or skill-testing parkour/obstacle maps. No matter what your tastes, there are worlds for you. Here are some of the best Minecraft maps that you can play.

  • Biome Box
  • Asleep
  • Herobrine’s Mansion
  • Adventure Time
  • The Tourist
  • Kingdom of the Sky
  • Deep Space Turtle Chase
  • Wrath of the Fallen
  • The Escapists 2
  • Last Jump Hero
  • Super Mansion [Redstone]
  • SkyBlock
  • Eldaria Islands
  • The Dropper 2 – Newton vs. Darwin

Minecraft Tools

There are lots of downloadable and online tools you can use to enhance Minecraft and even create your own maps, videos, and add-ons. There’s even an official Minecraft blog post that highlights some of the best ones.