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SuperBowl Thoughts

by on February 29th, 2012

Did you watch this SuperBowl this year? Who didn’t really? I was rooting for the NY Giants to win and it was wonderful to see Eli Manning really come into his own. I think he proved once and for all that he is an elite quarterback. It was such a nice touch that he played a great game in the same stadium that really belongs to his big brother.

I thought Tom Brady also played well, but the Patriots were simply outmatched by the Giants. Again. It’s gotta be frustrating to be a New England Patriots fan. First because they keep losing to the same team. But second because it’s New York.

I’m also not usually one for halftime shows but I thought Madonna rocked. She’s getting older but she still knows how to put on a show. I was able to convince my little brother to tear his eyes away from Poptropica long enough to check her performance out. He has no appreciation for the standout singing and dancing skills of the original Material Girl, but I think he still liked the show.

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