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Foods to Avoid When Working Your Abs

by on August 18th, 2014

Abs and Food

The food which you eat is of great significance in building abs; thus, you should be cautious about what you eat. To be on the safe side you need to avoid the following foods.

Processed Foods

Processed foods like hot dogs, chips, canned soups and others comprise preservatives, many artificial ingredients, and fillers which are of no value to your own body. These foods also have high numbers of carbs that endanger your Ab building mission.

As well as having high amounts of carbohydrates, the foods are low in proteins which are predominant in giving you the muscles that you need. Due to these disadvantages, you should avoid the foods that are processed just as much as you can.

Fatty Foods

Fat is regarded as a large enemy in regards to building abs. Although, this is true, you need to note that not all fats are bad; you should take them and there are the right fats.

A few of the bad fats you want to prevent are saturated fats and trans. Trans and saturated fats are found in dairy products like cheese and milk. They’re also available in greasy meats such as pork and steak. To be on the safe side you should avoid these foods just as much as you can.

Sweets and Pop

These are calorie, low worth foods that are high if you’d like to have a great body and you ought to eliminate them out of your diet. To be on the safe side you should replace the sweets and pops with precious goods such as water and iced tea. It’s also wise to take fruit juices.


According to research studies, just one baked potato contains the same number of calories as a tbsp of sugar that is pure. In addition to this, a potato has a lot of carbs that leave you craving.

Potatoes will jeopardize your efforts of creating abs; hence, you should avoid them. They should be taken by you with great temperance, if you can not avoid the foods.


The same as potatoes, alcohol includes high quantities of carbohydrates; as a result, you should stay away from it.

These are some of the foods that you have for abs to be built by you to avoid. Besides avoiding these foods, you also need to engage in ab building exercises for example crunches. In addition you need so that you can burn fat in all areas of the body to participate in cardio exercises.

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