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Jul 11 16

Babe Ruth’s Major League Baseball Debut – On this Date

Babe Ruth - Red Sox

Babe Ruth made his major-league debut on this date in 1914. Although he is of course best known as a New York Yankee, Babe Ruth began his major league career as a player for the Boston Red Sox. In his first game, he was the starting pitcher against the Cleveland Indians. Although he was relieved for the final two innings, he was the winning pitcher of record, as the Red Sox defeated the Indians, 4-3.

Aug 18 14

Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Grateful Dead


Here are some cool facts about the Grateful Dead. Before meeting any future performing members of the group, Jerry Garcia first befriended Robert Hunter in 1960, who go on to become the group’s lyricist behind some of their biggest tunes like “Sugar Magnolia,” “Casey Jones,” and “Truckin’.” Their devotion to musical and psychedelic exploration even reaches their use of music theory with tunes like “The Eleven” — performed in rare 11/8 time signature. In 1969, they switched gears towards incorporating live albums into their discography as the best way of capturing their sound, starting with Live / Dead recorded at Bill Graham’s Fillmore West. As a genuinely tour-dependent group, eventually their road crew that was loyal was employed full time with benefits and insurance. Their 1973 show and The Allman Brothers drew over half a million individuals. Jerry Garcia had to relearn the best way to play guitar in 1986 while recovering from a coma. Jerry Garcia served on the board of directors for a nonprofit called The Rex Foundation that has been assembled to support grassroots/artistic enrichment in “the spirit of generosity and concern that evolved in the culture surrounding Grateful Dead concerts.” Al and Tipper Gore are noted Deadheads (down to wearing J. Garcia neckties while campaigning) and even attended 1992’s RFK Stadium show within weeks of Gore being named Clinton’s vice presidential nominee. Grateful Dead is for the kids! Jerry Garcia’s last recorded job was a kids’ record called Not Just for Kids, and Bob Weir co-wrote a children’s book with his sister called Panther Dream that prepares kids about the rainforest. Jerry Garcia adored comic books and scuba diving, besides truly being a musician and visual artist. Phil Lesh’s enduring love of the sweatband is a legacy unto itself. No other group in the whole world can sound strong all at exactly the same time, and so pretty, surprising, over time. Long Live the Dead!

Aug 18 14

My Home Gym – Kind of a Mess


Lifting Weights

So I was reading an article on about assembling the best home fitness equipment and came to the conclusion that my own home gym is kind of a mess. It’s not really much of a “gym” to begin with. More or less a section of the basement with some free weights, a box of semi-used fad exercise toys, a Bosu ball, and a really old treadmill that doesn’t work. I’m thinking of paring things down a lot and ditching most of the equipment.

I’m doing a lot more running now that it’s nice out and I think that with the base I’m building, Winter running won’t be as tough. So it’s probably time to get rid of the broken treadmill, which is simply taking up space. The box full of gadgets can definitely go: who needs an Ab Roller anyway? I’ll keep the jump-rope and the free weights. With the freed up space, I can probably put in a good weight bench. So outdoor running, free weights and jump-rope will form the core of my new workout routine. Sounds simple enough!

Aug 18 14

Foods to Avoid When Working Your Abs


Abs and Food

The food which you eat is of great significance in building abs; thus, you should be cautious about what you eat. To be on the safe side you need to avoid the following foods.

Processed Foods

Processed foods like hot dogs, chips, canned soups and others comprise preservatives, many artificial ingredients, and fillers which are of no value to your own body. These foods also have high numbers of carbs that endanger your Ab building mission.

As well as having high amounts of carbohydrates, the foods are low in proteins which are predominant in giving you the muscles that you need. Due to these disadvantages, you should avoid the foods that are processed just as much as you can.

Fatty Foods

Fat is regarded as a large enemy in regards to building abs. Although, this is true, you need to note that not all fats are bad; you should take them and there are the right fats.

A few of the bad fats you want to prevent are saturated fats and trans. Trans and saturated fats are found in dairy products like cheese and milk. They’re also available in greasy meats such as pork and steak. To be on the safe side you should avoid these foods just as much as you can.

Sweets and Pop

These are calorie, low worth foods that are high if you’d like to have a great body and you ought to eliminate them out of your diet. To be on the safe side you should replace the sweets and pops with precious goods such as water and iced tea. It’s also wise to take fruit juices.


According to research studies, just one baked potato contains the same number of calories as a tbsp of sugar that is pure. In addition to this, a potato has a lot of carbs that leave you craving.

Potatoes will jeopardize your efforts of creating abs; hence, you should avoid them. They should be taken by you with great temperance, if you can not avoid the foods.


The same as potatoes, alcohol includes high quantities of carbohydrates; as a result, you should stay away from it.

These are some of the foods that you have for abs to be built by you to avoid. Besides avoiding these foods, you also need to engage in ab building exercises for example crunches. In addition you need so that you can burn fat in all areas of the body to participate in cardio exercises.

Apr 11 14

How Cardio Exercise Allows You To Lose Weight


I was having lunch the other day and a lady asked me about the food that I’m eating is my secret in having a fit body. I said, yes but still need some stretches and cardio exercise to keep up. She’s a bit big bone and looks fat, but she can definitely do some basic cardio exercise to lose out those unneeded fats.
These activities involves running, bound, even dance. Quite simply, any exercise that gets your heart pumping.
Many individuals take aerobics courses to acquire some cardio fitness in. Aerobics involve typically physical exercise to songs in a coordinated manner, almost like dance. Aerobics became popular in the 80s and was designed to make exercising more enjoyable.

Along with aerobics, you may also do other exercises such as bike riding, jogging, or stair-climbing. All of the health spas now have a wide array of fitness equipment including mechanical stair-climbers, bicycles, rowing machines, and treadmills.

Cardio exercise burn off calories as well as gives your metabolism somewhat of an increase. Here Is exactly why individuals are informed not to workout before bed. While some types of exercise, like yoga and toning exercises are alright to do before going to sleep and may even accentuate sleep, cardio is best done in the morning, before you go to work or begin your day.

Any physical activities that raises your heartbeat will likely cause you to sweat when you actually begin working out. You should ensure that you just keep yourself hydrated by drinking loads of plain water, when doing any cardiovascular fitness exercise.

Should you combine an excellent fitness routine using a low calorie diet is the very best method to lose weight. Although low impact exercises can tone muscle tissue and remove fat, cardiovascular fitness exercise will burn calories. However, you should try to include both forms of workouts – equally cardio exercise and toning exercises, into your program. Some personal trainers feel that performing low-impact training and cardio every other day or toning on the other times is a great strategy to equally lose calories and tone muscle tissue.

You must begin slow test together with your physician before starting to make sure it is safe for the heart and when starting any workout routine. If you feel short of breath or dizzy when performing any cardio exercise, quit instantly. This can sometimes happen in case you start off too fast. If you continue with the exercise plan, you may slowly build yourself up to the point at which you are able to do more each time. Never continue to exercise through pain or suffering, especially in the event you get dizzy. You may not need to have a fancy gym membership to integrate cardio exercise into your daily life, although gymnasiums do have various gear which makes this exercise simpler on you.

Apr 1 14

Playing Boom Beach


Boom Beach is a new mobile game from Supercell, the company behind Hay Day and Clash of Clans. It’s been available for a while in some countries, but the worldwide release was just this past week. It’s featured as the Editor’s Choice in the Apple App Store. I’ve been playing it non-stop since it came out and it’s really fun.

The game is a battle game similar to Clash of Clans, but with a World War II look at feel. It’s best played on a tablet because that’s how Supercell designs all of its games: for the tablet. You start on a small island, fighting the forces of some evil dude and then you free several villagers. After that, you expand your archipelago island by island. Eventually, you start attacking other players too. I got a lot of help from this Boom Beach cheats site for basic strategy and tips. It’s a lot of fun to play!

Boom Beach

Feb 17 14

World’s Greatest Stretch


So I’ve been in lots of gyms and done a lot of stretches and even though this article from Equinox claims that every personal trainer in the world knows and swears by this stretch, it’s the first I’ve ever heard of, The World’s Greatest Stretch. But that’s not going to keep me from trying it out. It’s supposed to cover every major muscle group in the body and you’ll be able to complete the entire thing in under 5 minutes. Sounds promising so far!

Here are the steps to the stretch. Hold each one for about 15-20 seconds and go through all the steps twice, switching left from right. You can get the full instructions from the link above to the original article on Equinox. All these photos are from the article. P.S. Isn’t this trainer in the photos beautiful? I totally want her hair!

Step One: Elbow to Instep A

World's Greatest Stretch Step 1

Step Two: Elbow to Instep B

World's Greatest Stretch Step 2

Step Three: External Torso Rotation with Reach

World's Greatest Stretch Step 3

Step Four: Internal Torso Rotation with Reach

World's Greatest Stretch Step 4

Step Five: Hip Flexor/Quadriceps Stretch A

World's Greatest Stretch Step 5

Step Six: Hip Flexor/Quadriceps Stretch B

World's Greatest Stretch Step 6

Step Seven: Hamstring/Calf Stretch

World's Greatest Stretch Step 7

Feb 10 14

First Thoughts on Sochi Olympics


The Winter Olympics in Sochi are officially underway and here are my first thoughts. To start off, there was a ton of controversy before the games even began due to the state of affairs in Sochi. Although the Olympic Village was in good shape, hotels were unprepared and conditions for fans and journalists traveling to the games were terrible. I’m glad I get to watch from the comfort of my living room!

The opening ceremonies were beautiful, but were also marked with a glitch. One of the Olympic Rings failed to light up completely. The big controversy there was that on Russian TV, they cut away to rehearsal coverage so that many viewers were unaware. But here in the United States, we saw what really happened. Take a peek:

Early news from the events is following most predictions. Norway is leading the medal count with 7 total after the first two days. The United States, Russian Federation, Canada and the Netherlands are all right behind with 4 medals apiece. For the US, Jamie Anderson took gold in the women’s Slopestyle event. Personally, I’m looking forward to hockey, which gets underway on  February 12. The favorites this time are Canada, Russia, Sweden, and the United States. It would be great to see Russia take on the USA. It would be a nice throwback to the famous Miracle on Ice game from the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Jan 11 14

College Football Championship System

Michigan Wolverines

I think the college football championship system is going to improve now that the BCS is a thing of the past. A fan of the Boise State Broncos is surely tired of the idea of doing very well in the regular season and never really be considered for the national championship. I can just imagine seeing Broncos fans having their hearts broken every year by the fact that their team never gets a shot at the big enchilada.

I can’t really speak about my team being cost the national championship because of the BCS. I can speak about having my heart broken by the fact that the Iowa Hawkeyes were not given a bid to the NCAA Tournament in college basketball. The team was somewhat deserving of making the tournament in 1998, but they fell short because of the selection committee. The Boise State Broncos or the Fresno State Bulldogs surely feel the same way about their college football chances. I think major college sports can be a bit of a release for someone that is having a hard time in their life. I would love to see the Iowa Hawkeyes win a college football championship.

Ohio State Buckeyes Stadium

Will the championship come to Ohio State?

I would guess that the staff members that are involved with the recruiting process do not necessarily promise national championships when they are talking about the University of Iowa, but I know the football program does mention how many ex-players ended up making it to the NFL. It makes sense to hire the right staff members if you are trying to win a college football championship. The staff members have to be able to develop a plan in order to make sure that the entire football roster can buy into. Hayden Frye’s teams that won the Rose Bowl believed in that entire team concept.

I think teams will realize that they now have more of a chance to win a championship. Teams may put more pressure on their teams in order to win right away because of the increased odds of winning a title. We are all aware of how much money is spent within the world of college football. We have seen coaches like Bear Bryant win a number of college football championships. Bear Bryant would make sure that people show a certain amount of dedication, that was how we began to see Bear Bryant build up his legendary status. Bear Bryant had a number of assistants that went on to be successful college head coaches in the future.

Jan 3 14

My Yoga Resolution


I have avoided Yoga for years, even though most of my friends attend classes with near-religious fervor and constantly talk about the benefits. Other than surrounding yourself with incredibly beautiful in-shape benefits, I’ve always been a little suspect of sitting and sweating in a room full of total strangers. I kind of prefer exercising outdoors. But in the spirit of setting some New Year’s resolutions, this year I’m going to sign up for a yoga class and see if I can stick with it.

I was browsing some of the types of yoga on yoga simple and I think I’ll start with Hatha yoga. Bikram just seems too extreme, at least for now. Although I like the idea of having an amazing Bikram body, even if those people are a little bit like a cult.

First class is tomorrow. I’ve got my mat and my yoga pants ready to go. Let’s see how long I last.